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Specialty Resource
Use this specialty resource guide to match the correct medical specialty with the medical condition. This resource is a partial list of conditions examined by each specialty.
Cardiology / Internal and Occupational Medicine / Rheumatology / ToxicologyAbdominal trauma Allergic reaction Arrhythmia Arthritis Asthma Bronchitis Cancer Chest pain Chronic obstructive disease Dermatitis Diabetes Fibromyalgia GI Heart Heat exhaustion Hepatitis Hernia Hypertension Infectious disease Irritable bowel syndrome Palpitations Pulmonary Rash Respiratory Sick building syndrome Sinusitis Stroke Syncope Thoracic outlet Toxic exposure Ulcers Varicose veins
ChiropracticBack injury Chiropractic standard of care Neck injury Cervical, lumbar, thoracic spine injuries
Neurology and Neurological SurgeryCarpal tunnel syndrome Cervical, lumbar, thoracic spine injuries Closed head injuries Concussion Cubital tunnel syndrome Degenerative disc disease DeQuervain's tenosynovitisDizziness Epicondylitis Epilepsy Fainting Headaches Herniated disc Radiculopathy Seizure Spinal conditions Stroke Upper extremity repetitive stress injury Vertigo
Orthopedic Surgery and MedicineAnterior cruciate ligament tear Carpal tunnel syndrome Cervical, lumbar, thoracic spine injuries Cubital tunnel syndrome DeQuervain's tenosynovitisDegenerative disc disease Epicondylitis Knee injury Neck injury Osteoporosis Rotator cuff syndrome Spinal conditions Shoulder injury Torn meniscus Upper extremity repetitive stress injury
Otolaryngology / Ear Nose ThroatDust sinus injuries Facial, nasal reconstructive surgery Facial scars Fume sinus injuries Hearing aid evaluation Hearing loss Nasal respiratory injuries Otitis Sinus allergies Sinusitis Tinnitus Toxic sinus exposure Vertigo
OtologyHearing aid evaluation Hearing loss Otitis Tinnitus
PodiatryAnkle injury Foot injury Plantar fasciitis Toe injury
Psychiatry / PsychologyAdjustment disorder Anxiety Bipolar Chronic pain disorder Depression Harassment and discrimination Malingering Panic attacks Personality disorders Post traumatic stress disorder Sleeping disorder Stress Substance abuse
NeuropsychologyClosed head injury Cognitive problems Concussion Equilibrium IQ memory loss
Voice-Speech PathologyAltered voice Dysphonia Glottic lesions Hoarseness Indistinct speech Stuttering Swallowing problems Vocal cord injury Vocal fatigue

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